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A joyful heart is the medicine.
The game of picking out peas.
The game, “Leading the Blind.”

Children’s Camp: Visiting Natural Landscapes

August 17, 2013

The children’s camp in southern Taiwan opened their camp activities in the picturesque Wusanto Reservoir. The camp theme was “Healing the Brain and Heart Through the Refreshing Scenery.” The goal was for the children to be more in touch with nature through the camp activities, and thus, develop a more palpable understanding of God, who created all creations.

The camp united both middle and elementary departments which were originally operating independently. By collaborating on planning the camp events, teachers, pastors and parents developed mutual understanding of one another. There were a variety of leveling-up games (games in which one has to clear many levels to win) as part of the camp program. The night activities also included a time of storytelling. Originally, people were worried that the children would be too physically exhausted after the full day of activities. However, contrary to expectation, the children listened intently to the stories with wide-eyed focus and concentration.

When the children went into the water at the scenic Wusanto Reservoir, it was as if they had stepped into Heaven! The phrase, “A joyful heart is the medicine,” is definitely true! In the natural landscape that God had created, people’s hearts could not help but change. And it is that joy that naturally wells up in one’s heart that is the medicine!