Today (Sep. 15), Hsinchu City Government hosted International Coastal Cleanup Day at Nanliao Ecological Sports Park, attracting 19 organizations totaling approximately 1,500 volunteers, including Hsin
53th Engineer Battalion of 6th Army Command was not absent from the “Leave a Day for the Earth” activity.

Coastal Environment Protection on World Cleanup Day: 1,500 Volunteers from 19 Groups Including Hsinchu Mega City Mall

September 15, 2018

Today (Sep. 15) Hsinchu City Government held the “107th Annual International Coastal Cleanup Day” at Nanliao Ecological Sports Park. 19 social groups including Hsinchu Mega City Mall, totaling approximately 1,500 volunteers, joined the event. At the same time, the “Let’s Do It Foundation (LDI)” international headquarters also gathered 150 countries around the world, going beyond race, language, time zone, gender, and age, to participate in environmental cleanup and to join forces in protecting the global environment.

Today, 1,500 volunteers from 19 social groups zealously joined the coastal cleanup. Social groups included Hsinchu Mega City Mall, Let’s Do It Taiwan, the Hsinchu branch of CGM, I-Kuan Tao branches, Chung Hua University, the Hsinchu branch of Chen-Li Educational Group, the volunteer club of MediaTek, Inc., Source Photonics, Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC), Standard Chartered Bank, Abooel School, National Hsinchu Senior High School, St.Peter Senior High School, Guang-Hua Junior High School, Pei Ying Junior High School, 53th Engineer Battalion of 6th Army Command, Kang Kang Qu Jing Tan, Ren-Jia Environment Protector Group, Siangshan Sonyeon, etc. Nearly 5 tons of trash and 0.8 tons of recyclables were collected.

Ming-Shih Hung, Deputy Director General of the Environmental Protection Bureau who hosted the event, expressed that International Coastal Cleanup Day, also called “Clean Up the World Weekend (CUW Weekend),” initially started as the first Sydney Harbor Cleanup Day coordinated by Australian solo-yachtsman, Kiernan, in March 1989. It was later on developed into a global cleanup event by Australian international environmental conservation organization, Clean Up the World, founded by Ian Kiernan. This event takes place each year on the third weekend of September and has become one of the most important eco-friendly activities across the globe, with more than 125 countries and 40 million participants every year.

Hsinchu Mega City Mall, the most impressive organization of today’s event, not only provided each participant a 200-dollar coupon, but also roused up the atmosphere with the Mega City Mall mascot. Ming-Shih Hung said that through today’s cleanup activity, everyone was able to enjoy the famous landmark, Haishan Fishing Harbor, developed by the Haishan city government. Hsinchu Port Kite Field, which received much positive feedback from local citizens, has 8 hectares of large grassland, suitable for flying kites at a safe environment as well as taking leisure walks on the grass or climbing a slight slope up to the embankment. The amazing view of the Fish-scale ladder and coastal scenery, along with the cool breeze of Hsinchu, will help relieve all stress and pressure and refresh and reenergize you to face new challenges again.

In order to resolve the root cause of having coastal trash and to leave a clean and unpolluted coast to the descendants, the method of International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) was implemented to separate all garbage, helping participants understand the origin of coastal trash. Environmental Protection Bureau encouraged people not to carelessly throw away trash like plastic containers or bottles, for these do not decompose in nature. After long exposure in the wind and sun and being washed by the tides, those plastic bottles decompose into small pieces of plastic and are swept into the ocean by the tides. This affects marine life and the ecosystems, and thus affects human health as well.

Reported by LUO WEI-JHOU from Great News, Hsinchu