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CGM’s Volunteer Group—street sweeping service
Meilun Junior High youth development camp

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Hosted by Cultural Exchange Association of Taiwanese Indigenous New Youth, and co-hosted by Hualien Municipal Meilun Junior High School and Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) Volunteer Group, ‘Work Towards Your Dream!’—the Meilun Junior High youth development camp—has successfully come to an end. At this one-day enriched camp, not only did the youth receive advice on life path planning and lectures about spiritual growth given by eminent alumni and expert lecturers, but the participants also experienced growth through working together to sweep their neighborhood streets.

Lao Weng Man Ta Fang and Tien Kai Wen, two prominent alumni of Meilun Junior High School, shared experiences of their achievements with their juniors at the camp. Both of these Bunun Tribe members have been continually inspired by Pastor Jung Myung Seok, President of CGM, since their time in college. “Life is like a soccer game, where individual work is as critical as teamwork,” Pastor Jung Myung Seok once stated. “We don’t have to compare ourselves to anyone else,” Pastor Jung remarked, “because prior to being able to overcome the world, what we must first overcome is our own mindset and personality.” There were a variety of activities at this youth development camp: classes on life path planning and developing one’s potential, dance tutorials, street sweeping services, field games, etc. Through interacting with one another during the process, participants discovered and cultivated their individualities. Wu Min-Hui, Section Head of Physical Education and Hygiene at Meilun Junior High School, pointed out that having a good standard to look up to is essential during one’s youthhood. She expressed joy in seeing eminent alumni return to their former schools to share insight with their juniors, who had learned the importance of gratitude and appreciation. She looks forward to the next youth growth camp hosted by CGM Volunteer Group in the following year.

Chin-Te Chou, a pastor of CGM Volunteer Group, mentioned that Lao Weng Man Ta Fang and Tien Kai Wen, who have been schoolmates since elementary school, are now in their junior year of college. Their tight bond was established through practicing soccer together when they were young. It is the love of the Lord that allows them to recognize the value of the accompaniment of other players and the encouragement of the cheerleaders in a game. Likewise, the two regard themselves as those who will cheer on their juniors, together with their teachers and parents, as they accompany them throughout the journey of life. Motivated by this philosophy, they took action to repay their former school (Meilun Junior High School) in the hopes that all the aboriginal youths will be able to set goals and start working toward their dreams.

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