About CGM

About CGM

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We are the Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) , also known as "Providence churches" or "Jesus morning star (JMS)". Committed to evangelism, in agreement with the Bible, CGM has been conveying God's fundamental Will and expectation for mankind.

CGM has dozens of teams including medical teams, professor associations, legal fellowships, sports teams of soccer, volleyball, and basketball, orchestras, praise teams, drama teams, and charitable service groups. We hope to share God's love for the world through the richness of culture, art, sports, and Bible studies, and spread the gospel of this time period.

Our development history in Taiwan:
1. In the late 1980s, we began to spread the gospel throughout Taiwan while actively participating in social work.
2. In order to organize the growing number of churches in Taiwan, we establish the Chinese Christian Youth Association (CCYA) from the Ministry of the Interior in November 1993. Later on, we established Christian Gospel Mission, Taiwan in August 2013. We currently have over 4,000 active members and close to 30 Providence churches and gospel stations in Taiwan.


The Time Period of Conversing With God
The Time Period of Blessings

From reading the Bible, we see that after God started speaking to a man and made him believe in the Absolute God, Jehovah, the conversation between God and man began to advance actively and continuously. Regardless of the time period, we can see that the more clearly human beings understand God’s Will, the more they can connect and converse with God. Hence, that time period would be filled with God’s numerous blessings, and it would be a history of peace and joy. On the other hand, the time period that neglects conversation with God would, more often than not, beget sin, violence, wars and other pain, unrest, and peril. This has become a common phenomenon throughout human history.

It is the same for this time period. What lies before us are various types of worldly culture that impact our souls, spirits and faith; they block our correct understanding of God, as well as our sincere communication with Him.

After experiencing post-war poverty, suffering and ignorance of life, Pastor Jung Myung Seok, the founder of Christian Gospel Mission, was determined to learn the truth from God in order to save mankind. In the 1970s, nearing the end of his training period, he started to receive the Word that God had personally taught to him. At that time, the Holy Son said to him, “After you learn from me, become the Teacher who teaches the teachers of other teachers.” Pastor Jung earnestly took in what the Holy Son had asked of him, and starting from 1978, he spread God’s gospel of the time period beginning from Korea to all parts of the world. Hence, this is the reason why we also call Pastor Jung Myung Seok, “Teacher.”

In the late 80s, the Teacher sowed the Gospel in Taiwan. After 30 years of cultivation, more than 30 Providence churches have been established in all parts of Taiwan, and thousands of members maintain their devout faith. His teachings are not derived from his own wishes or desires; they come from the Bible, and come from the inspirations given by God after deep prayer. He, himself, takes action to practice the Word of the Bible. People who hear the Word, regardless of age, are immersed in the rich Word heard at church. Everyone strives to live a born-again life by becoming closer to God, in the hopes of restoring the glorious time period of conversing with God.