Development Center of Indigenous Peoples


*Support the development of indigenous peoples’ culture and arts

*Cultivate talented indigenous peoples to inherit their culture

*Protect and maintain indigenous people’s language, culture, and related arts

*Promote social functions at colleges and universities to help develop and provide services to the tribes

Arts activities:

In recent years, the Indigenous Peoples Development Ministries have been invited by Christian Gospel Mission to participate in various international competitions and arts activities. By featuring the unique dances and singing of the indigenous people, we nurture the young generation to learn about and pass on indigenous arts to others, allowing the Taiwanese indigenous culture to be spread to other nations.


Remote Countryside Services:

According to the needs of the tribes at remote areas, CGM and various university volunteers collected books to support the children. We try to spread love to children who are in need and to support the tribes and developments of remote schools.


Sports Activities:

Recently The Indigenous Peoples Development Ministries has also collaborated with the countryside schools soccer teams to assess the children’s needs. With support from CGM church members, the ministry provides training about thinking and soccer techniques. The ministry hopes that with continuous training and discipline, the children can develop themselves in a variety of ways, develop their athletic potential, and even have the chance to compete in the future.


Looking Into the Future

The indigenous people possess many unique talents. The CGM Indigenous Peoples Development Ministries work on helping young people to develop and understand their ethnic background, and furthermore, to shine their light as the treasures of Taiwan.