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Painter Su Yiwen introduces her art works
Pastor Cheng Zhuxin delivering a speech
Opening performance

“Walking Together” - Su Yiwen Watercolor Painting Exhibition

September 08, 2022

“Walking Together” - Su Yiwen's watercolor sketching exhibition was held at the Christian Gospel Mission (Providence Church) (CGM) Kaohsiung Branch Lord Dayong Church from July 3rd to August 27th, presenting 15 photos of photographer Su Yiwen's personal experience in Hengchun Peninsula landscape sketches. With the spirit of walking with God, the creator shows that no matter where she is, with the spiritual idea of faith, what she sees and hears is God's creation and words.

This exhibition also responds to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to promote physical and mental health and awaken people's awareness of environmental protection and ecological conservation.

Yiwen's paintings not only show her personal experience of the scenery, but also combine Bible verses and proverbs to testify to God's teachings and works. The paintings include the quiet mountain and sea scenery in the bustling urban area of Kaohsiung, the Hengchun Flood Storage Pond, the Phoenix Tree of the Elementary School in Kenting, the Jiale Shuiyan Bank in Manzhou, the Checheng Double Suspension Bridge, and the Green Grassland of Longluan Pond. Enabling near 300 church members to experience the charm of works of art together, and at the same time learn about the culture and beauty of Taiwan's southern peninsula.

On the opening day of July 3rd, Chen Yuru from the Youth Department and Pan Yuzhen from the Senior High School played the guitar and violin ⟪The Life of the Righteous⟫ kicked off. Pastor Cheng Zhuxin witnessed the teaching of CGM President Jung Myung Seok, "God works through the features of different things to make people realize, to make people realize themselves, and even have a dialogue with the Heavens.” In addition, preacher Zhang Jiafen explained the reason for the idea of “Walking Together” in the exhibition. Among them, the students and parents of painter Su Yiwen specially traveled from Hengchun Middle School to participate in the grand event.

Hello Dayong's Facebook live broadcast allows friends from all over Taiwan who are interested in art to enjoy together during the epidemic. The peer-to-peer exhibition will end at the end of August. It is expected that there will be an illustration exhibition by professional illustrator Li Yantong in October. Interested friends can visit the site to enjoy the wonderful works, or make an appointment for a guided tour of the exhibition by private message on Facebook.