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Cultivate your own golden field! There are infinite possibilities within you.
Through her own experiences, she encourages the younger generation to pursue more possibilities.
Changing the world starts from changing yourself.

Overcome Impossibilities Through Effort: National Second Violin Principal Shares

October 19, 2014

“Cultivate your own golden field! There are infinite possibilities within you.” Yi-ju Chen, Second Violin Principal of the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO), was invited to share her experiences of being on the national stage for the past 13 years in a fun and easy-going way. She encouraged young students to pursue their true selves and to boldly realize their dreams; she said that as long as you put in enough effort, nothing is impossible.


Yi-ju Chen, the Second Violin Principal of NSO and Director of the Star Symphony Orchestra, was invited by Christian Gospel Mission’s Hualien Lord’s Love Church to give a special speech in Hualien, which many young students attended.


Chen first entered the National Symphony Orchestra in 2001 and became the Second Violinist Principal in 2015. As someone who has had the honor of standing on the national stage at a young age, she was happy to share her music and faith. She has been invited many times by Christian Gospel Mission to share her experiences of success within various universities around the country.


Chen began her speech which topic was “Composing the Movement of Life’s Golden Age” after giving an improvised performance with the violin. She expressed, “You should cultivate the golden field that belongs to you! There are infinite possibilities within you.” If young people only stay at home, their youth will rot. Chase after more possibilities in music, faith and life. Dream bigger. Even if your dream is hard to achieve, if you just put in that much more effort, nothing is impossible.


The event organizer, CGM’s Hualien Lord’s Love Church, held a variety of social service events and mind-development seminars to encourage youth to know themselves more and to learn to change. This is in the hopes of helping more people to self-explore and establish positive values. When we start by changing ourselves, then we can change the world.