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Christmas Special: Feeling God’s Deep Love Toward Us, Feeling the Man of Mission’s Earnest Heart of Condition-Setting

December 20, 2014

Glorifying God through musicals, the main act of this musical is the story of Shih-Shun. Through this story, we hoped to convey the love between Heaven and Earth. We also hoped that the people participating would be able to feel God’s deep love toward us, as well as the earnest heart of the man of mission when he sets conditions. From the actors on stage to the staff behind-the-scenes, there was a total of around ninety participants. These people came from all departments of the church. They got closer to one another as they practiced together, and their interactions were filled abundantly with the qualities of love and peace.

“Christmas Special” by Christian Gospel Mission’s Moon Church

Taking you on a tour of each church; see and feel a new meaning of Christmas.