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Rhapsody - Sound and Thought Experimental Theater

May 16, 2015

Ultimately, what are thoughts influenced by?

“Sound” is one of the key influencers of our thoughts. “Sound” cannot be seen; it exists through sound waves. Even though it cannot be seen, it has the capacity to dictate one’s thoughts. In other words, the sounds that we hear can influence our thoughts. Therefore, what we listen to is very important.

Through video and improv performances, the preparation committee let us realize how sound can dictate our thoughts. Included content:


Mini Drama

Even if the same video footage is shown to you, depending on the different types of background music that accompany the video footage, your thoughts can change accordingly. By pairing the same scene with different background music, the audience can experience that, even if the frame doesn’t change, because the music is different, your thoughts change. The sensations you receive experiencing the film personally is very vivid.


Sound Guessing Games

The band would play a certain piece and then let the audience guess what the situation is. This also tests people’s soul bodies! A warm up round: Say you heard the music for “A Maiden’s Prayer,” then what would you think of? That’s right! It’s to take out the garbage! Isn’t it very interesting?


Hearing the Initial Sound

Music is a form of sound development. One of the origins of music is the sound of praise that glorifies God. Christian Gospel Mission’s Grace Light Church’s (CGM GLC) Re-Creation Band sings songs that warms and touches people’s hearts.

The audience thought that the way the performers utilized sounds to trigger thoughts, allowing them to “see” the sound, was very fresh and interesting. It has been a trend in recent years to research about brain waves. When we are surrounded by so much noise and information, have you ever thought of the need to find your inner voice?  


Organizers: Christian Gospel Mission, Taiwan