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Go! Go! Go!
Let’s do it together!
The parents watching from the sidelines

Youth Cup Love and Peace Soccer Sports Exchange

March 29, 2014

On a bright and sunny weekend, a group of charming and carefree children gathered on the sports field of The National Hsinchu University of Education. They began the “Youth Cup Love and Peace Soccer Sport Exchange” with lively spirits and energetic smiles. One of the teams was the Heaven’s Soccer Team, which was made up of  Milky Way members from Hsinchu CGM’s Canaan Church as well as other children who had joined the church soccer class. The other team was the Milky Way soccer team from another sister church, Lord’s Light church at Zhongli. The event gathered children from various districts of Taiwan, and they learned from each other through the extra-curricular activities. Additionally, they learned to treat each other with God’s mentality of love and peace which was taught by Pastor Jung Myung Seok.

From the very beginning, the children’s passion burned like the blazing sun. The  endless cheers and applause, both infield and outfield, attracted the attention of all students that were passing by. Unlike other matches, which were often full of a competitive atmosphere, the players in this “Heavenly” soccer match would help each other out, even if people made mistakes and other players fell down. Even the young players on the bench practiced the spirit of sportsmanship; with microphones, they helped to cheer on, not just the home team, but the visiting team as well. Seeing this, the audience received immense strength and were very touched. The church brothers and sisters also served each participant with all their hearts and will; they gave water to those who needed it, and also provided support. Since each person is a precious life of the Lord, each one of them should be treated well.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok once said, “ In a competition, if you do not have an opponent, then you cannot compete. However, you should not treat your opponent as the enemy. Rather, you should treat them like how you would treat your loved ones.”

Though they may seem young in age, the children were already learning and actualizing this kind of loving mentality - demonstrating the mentality and culture of Heaven. One student from the Department of Preschool Education said, “The way the children exert their efforts on the sports field was very adorable and very energetic!” This was also the part that really touched her. Afterwards, three teachers from the Department of Preschool Education also came to the side of the field and played games with the children. Through exercise, the children testified for their life of faith and got to meet a lot of new friends as well.

That day, the children’s hearts were filled with joy and strength. It was in that kind of atmosphere that the Youth Cup Soccer Sports Exchange - made possible through living faith - came to a satisfactory close.