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Children, Let’s Go Exercise

May 16, 2015

A common problem in Taiwan is that children lack outdoor activities. Research done by the University of London found that if parents didn’t let children regularly exercise in their youth, in the future, the children would likely lack exercise even more. Getting children to go outdoors and work up a sweat has become a topic of concern for parents.

Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) has always been committed to promoting original, high-quality events. On April 25, CGM held the Hero Alliance Milky Way Sports Day at Taipei Municipal Jinhua Junior High School, to allow parents and their children to boost their parent-child relationship through exercising together.  Letting children come into contact with exercise at an early age can help children develop leadership and social skills. Just as CGM’s President, Jung Myung Seok, says, “People depend on how they are made.” To succeed, you have to invest, teach, and manage the children when they are young. Aside from positive peer interaction, proper education and parental accompaniment are what develop these little heroes into the hope and pillars of our nation.