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University volunteers teach the Kiwit Tribe students “the things you do not learn at school.”

Science Camp for the Aboriginal Children Filled with Education and Fun

January 30, 2016

Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) and World Vision Taiwan (WVT) collaborated to form the Mini Scientific Camp, which invited university students to the Kiwit Tribe, Ruisui Township in Hualien County, to teach hundreds of middle and elementary school students “the things you don’t learn at school,” through interesting events in their daily life. This fusion of studies with daily life enables the children’s winter break to be filled with intellectual depth and fun.


Due to a lack of educational resources and funding in rural areas, from Jan. 27 until yesterday, CGM and World Vision Taiwan gathered students from universities such as National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Chengchi University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology to lead students in a three day event at the Kiwit Tribe. 


University volunteers taught the children of the Kiwit Tribe about science in their daily life and stimulated their curiosity toward learning by designing programs such as story creation, gaming battles, and hands-on creation, as well as through characters from “Little Prince,” “Chibi Maruko Chan,” “Spongebob Squarepants," and “Frozen”. They also led the children to learn about scientific principles via observations in their everyday life.


Han-lin Chung, a World Vision senior volunteer, hoped that volunteer groups, by providing service and care to the tribes in the spirit of love and peace, can motivate children to grow and to chase after their dreams. Furthermore, they led the children to care for and love the society at a deeper level in the future.

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