Love Lives

At Taiwan Kaohsiung Station.
Praying together for this land.
Rebuilding our community. CGM, Taiwan

Praying for Kaohsiung City, Cheering for Taiwan
Reconstruct the Dream, Reconstruct the Homes

August 04, 2014

Perhaps, it was only after we awoke on the morning of Aug 1 that we found out about the intense fire that had occurred in the middle of the night; the fire that took away the happiness of hundreds of people, caused the streets of old to be unrecognizable, and even caused the departure of those whom we know. In 2014, we were living happily in Kaohsiung City, but in just one instant, we lost our future direction. Aside from pouring in resources and money, we thought about what else we could do for Kaohsiung City.

Therefore, we sent the various church departments to help with the reconstruction project.  On the two Saturdays of Aug 9 and Aug 16, as part of the reconstruction project, we provided residential cleaning services for victims of the explosion. We also provided related lectures for those who needed emotional and mental support to help those who needed to reconstruct the home of the heart and spirit

Additionally, we engaged in praising and prayer. Members came to Kaohsiung Train Station to offer up choir and hymn songs for the victims of the July 31 Kaohsiung gas explosion, as well as for the civilians who had suffered trauma because of the incident. We hope that everyone can overcome this hardship and suffering and, together with the Holy Son, make this city soar again! Aside from a series lyrical blessing events held on the streets, we broadcasted the Music CorneR Special Program, where we conveyed our earnest hopes and well-wishes through songs composed and performed by members.


We have to go through hardship and suffering to rebuild our community, but when you feel a little weak, please believe that we are together, we are with you. Keep going! Let’s work hard together for a better future!

From Christian Gospel Mission's local churches