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Christian Gospel Mission holds health education seminars, reminding the public that prevention is better than treatment.

CGM Holds Health Education Seminars

October 05, 2014

If you want to live, then you have to be active. It is to “be active” and to not “be in pain.” In order to give back to the villagers, Christian Gospel Mission’s (CGM) Hualien Lord’s Love Church invited Yueh-ying Wu, a physical therapist in Guor Taih United Clinic, to promote health education. She shared common lower limb exercises, First Aid treatment and concepts of prevention. She emphasized that prevention is better than treatment. If people pay attention to their health on a regular basis and train and strengthen their muscles, then they will not contract diseases.

CGM has received unanimous praise from the public since the last seminar they held at Yong-Xing Community Center. Yesterday, CGM held another seminar; this time at Dau-shiang Elementary School. It attracted many retired seniors and young volunteers. The special lecture lasted nearly two hours. There were zero distance between those on stage and those in the audience; the atmosphere was very warm and inviting.

The seminar opened with an aerobics performance by cartoon mascots, Open-chan and Lock-chan. The physical therapist Yueh-ying Wu then discussed the classification of acute sports injuries, lower limb muscle sprain and joint ligament sprain and first aid. There were vivid video materials, a Q&A section and a mini response section with prizes; some audience members even took out their notes to help them be the first to answer. Many audience members expressed that they hoped more seminars would be held in the future so that people can mind their health in the correct way.

In the end, the event organizers encouraged villagers to become healthier via exercise. Exercise is not only good for the mind and body, but by exercising, you can also make friends, rediscover the fun in life, and discover the value of your own life as well.


Cited from Keng Sheng News and reported by Jie-Yu Lee