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A story between God and a kid from a military dependents’ village.
National Taiwan University electrical engineering doctor, Fu-Ming Tsou is awarded National Outstanding Electrical Engineer.
You should put effort in maintaining both life and faith.

Belief Is Power: Fu-Ming Tsou Awarded National Outstanding Electrical Engineer

November 06, 2014

Have we become the adults that we wanted to be? Are we putting in the effort to advance onwards in the way we dreamed? Because he believed, a kid from a military dependents’ village accomplished an unthinkable dream. This is a testimony of National Taiwan University electrical engineering doctor, Fu-Ming Tsou, who was awarded National Outstanding Electrical Engineer.


Are you also walking on the path of your dreams?


Fu-Ming Tsou had lived in a military dependent’s village since he was a child. Five out of ten of his fellow classmates fought and caused trouble. He was the only one in the village who attended high school. His dream was very small; he only wanted to find a stable job and form a small family. Dreams like becoming the president, a scientist and of benefiting others were merely illusions that existed only in his elementary school essays. However, because he came to church, God led him step-by-step to achieve the dreams that seemed unattainable in the past. He not only got accepted into the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University, but also successfully graduated with a Masters and PhD degree.

Now an engineer at Chunghwa Telecom, Tsou simply thought, “Because of God’s guidance, I have a good degree and found a good job,” so towards God he had only a heart full of thanksgiving and wanted to repay Him. Other than that, he did not expect much more. He never would have expected that God would bestow further blessings.

In July 2012, Tsou was unexpectedly recommended by his manager to attend the National Outstanding Electrical Engineer competition held by the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering (CIEE), contending with engineers from many academic institutions and industry corporations.

The criteria for the award of CIEE’s National Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer, is to find, nationally every year, ten electrical engineers under the age of forty for commendation. Contestants can come from industry corporations as well as academic institutions.

Tsou, who initially did not place much hope of being selected, began to fervently prepare because of God’s guidance. He entrusted everything to the Lord. In the end, because he believed, the dream which he had never dreamed of has come true.


Written by Christian Gospel Mission's church in Taiwan