Love Lives

Volunteering on Mother’s Day.
My mother’s love lets me understand how to love others in a deeper way.
The more you give, the more you receive.

Volunteering on Mother’s Day: Pray for Lives with the Love for Mothers

May 09, 2015

This year, CGM’s Glory Church’s Mother’s Day was a little different: members went to the classes of the nearby university to promote the activity of “expressing love out loud.” They invited the people they met to go to the Woman’s and Children’s Hospital building to participate in the “CGM Love Mum Mother’s Day Volunteer Event.” The event received a lot of positive feedback; school teachers really approved and pushed for the event, and more than fifty students actively signed up to be volunteers!

On the day of the event, the volunteers and members went around to inspect each ward. With God’s heart of loving lives, they cared for each patient and prayed for their quick recovery. The ward’s atmosphere became more lively and emotional. After praying ward to ward, a children’s short skit and the song “My Mother” was performed in the hospital building. The hospital broadcast to invite each parent to bring their children to participate. Even the children who suffered movement impediments came down as well. The children and parents were very happy because of the singing and dancing. When the volunteers sang, some audience members even shed tears because they were so moved by the earnest performance.

A student volunteer said, “I’m very thankful to have been able to attend this kind of volunteer event. Even though I originally came for the volunteer certificate, but I was moved deeply during the event. I realized that the real spirit of volunteer is wanting to see more people receive joy and happiness because of the love and care that we provide.” Thanks to our mothers who care for us, and to God Who gave us life.

CGM, Taiwan