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The most heavily damaged disaster area. No.27 Yungda Rd, Dawan District
The building had collapsed almost entirely. 70 households were trapped inside. Police and firefighters helped to evacuate, but some residents risked to retrieve their valuables.
The entire building on Aly. 101, Taizi Rd, Rende District collapsed and tilted, crashing into the cars and motorcycles below.

Protect Taiwan Through Prayer: South Taiwan Earthquake Before the New Year

February 06, 2016

On Feb 6 2016, Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve, at 3:57am, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 struck the Meinong District of Kaohsiung. Then, after 3 minutes, at 4:00am, a shallow earthquake with a magnitude of 4.9 - and its aftershock - struck the Jinren District of Tainan. Though no substantial casualties in the Kaohsiung and Chiayi area, many toppled buildings were scattered throughout the Tainan District. The most heavily damaged disaster area was at No.207, Sect 2 Yungda Road, Dawan District, where a 17-storey residential building collapsed completely due to the earthquake, trapping nearly one hundred residents inside. The surrounding water pipes and natural gas pipelines broke, creating a muddy mess on the ground. Numerous military police were dispatched to assist with rescue efforts and to control traffic. By 11:27am, a total of 229 people were rescued; 127 were sent to the hospital, but five died.


The King’s Town Bank building in Xinhua District tilted severely due to its broken pillar. Fortunately, because no one was living inside, the collapse only brought some damage to its neighbors and did not cause any casualties. Based on the damage condition, it can be determined that the shear (force) failure was due to the lack of stirrup reinforcement.

Due to the severe collapse of the first and second floors, the seven-story residential commercial building at the corner of Daren St and Xinti North Rd in Guiren District, transformed into a four-story building. All residents who lived on the third floor and above were all saved, resulting in no serious casualties. This damaging incident was caused by the building’s weak first floor.

This earthquake that occurred just before Chinese New Year shocked South Taiwan. Upon hearing of this disaster, Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) asked all of its members in the various districts to pray for the protection of Taiwan, to pray for the victims and the safety of relief workers, and to offer up thanksgiving for the peace of the country.

Article and Picture/ Cao Mengrui at Tainan City