Love Lives

Drama performance at the hospital
Praying for children’s sickness

CGM Loves Mums: Hospital Consideration Event

May 07, 2016

May is the month that overflows with thanksgiving and grace. The people who take care of our growth, who are warm like the Holy Spirit, and who keep giving out their love without holding back, are our mothers. At this moment, let’s convey our sincere love and Heaven’s love to our mothers.

On May 7, the day before Mother's’ Day, Christian Gospel Mission’s Taichung Church held ‘TCGM Loves Mums’ consideration event in the Women’s and Children’s Building at The Veterans General Hospital. Many university students participated in the event as volunteers. When carrying out the consideration event in the children’s wards, the volunteers got to know about the sicknesses of many of the young children.  The volunteers would pray that, with God’s protection, the children could recover quickly and grow up being healthy and happy.

Afterwards, everyone gathered in the main hall of the hospital building to offer up their blessings by singing “My Mother” together, as well as holding a humorous short drama.  This attracted a lot of younger and older children, and the volunteers were able to interact with the children via this mini theatre. The children also expressed their love to their mothers. This event helped families to overcome sickness, and conveyed to them the love and strength of God, giving the Mother’s Day a pleasant close.