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Harmony Spiritual Assembly — Harmony Pouring Down Like a Waterfall

October 20, 2016

<Matthew 5:9> Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok mentioned that if a church is unable to achieve harmony, it cannot be a place of rest. Therefore, all churches must practice harmony, to become a resting place for all, a pasture where all may settle in peace.

However, harmony cannot be achieved by just one individual, but by all involved. We must work together towards creating a peaceful environment. Harmony is like a warm room in the midst of winter, but also like a cool room in the midst of summer.  As such, people would be happy to stay there. That place is a green pasture, where one can rest by the waterside. That place would become the earth’s ideal world of Heaven, as mentioned in Isaiah chapter 11.

Therefore, from July to August, the churches all went to the riverside, streams, and by the sea to hold a spiritual assembly. Through dialogue, in a relaxed happy atmosphere, everybody became more unified.


Church Activity #1

In order to truly achieve harmony throughout the preparation phase and on the actual day of the spiritual assembly, the church set a twenty-one day prayer condition. On the day of the event, brothers and sisters used letters of repentance and appreciation as the basis of their communication, allowing them to convey their inner remorse and gratitude. Harmony was the prelude to reconciliation, and conversations of mutual understanding would continue in daily life. At the end of the event, they arrived at Shifen Waterfall, which served as a testimony for what Pastor Jung Myung Seok had previously described, “Harmony unconditionally pouring down like a waterfall: majestic, refreshing and beautiful harmony. "Prior to its formation, the waterfall was simply a peaceful river; after becoming a waterfall, it displays both unity and beauty in this manner.



Church Activity #2

Riding on the active atmosphere of the Glorifying God Arts season, it was time for people to proceed to departmental discussions, so that each department could resolve any conflicts, and be determined to work in unison centered on the Lord. Following this was the designated time for one-on-one conversations. One person testified about another person’s comments that had deeply hurt him. Once the misunderstanding was resolved and they understood each other, their hearts drew closer.



Church Activity #3

After holding the Milky Way Spiritual Assembly, since harmony is attainable through hard work and self-development for both children and adults, we let the children further experience the love and deep heart of the Lord through outdoor activities and teamwork. The day's weather was accompanied by clouds. The park that didn’t have any waterfalls installed, but near the end of the activities, through God’s grace, a sudden downpour of rain seemingly symbolized that a waterfall-like harmony had been achieved, and we felt the extent of the Lord’s love towards the children. The children sang and danced together, played games in teams, listened to stories regarding harmony, exclaimed in joy, thereby writing the history of their relationship with God.