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Hsiao-Ya and Her other Attend “A Nice Day to Walk Together” Event Every Year
Walking with the Disableb saying Goodbye to Discrimination

Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation
“A Nice Day to Walk Together, Saying Goodbye to Discrimination”_ [NOWNEWS Live Center]

April 22, 2017

With mottos like "A mentally-challenged person can also introduce the rules of the game” and “With just a little help, the physically disabled can also go up the hill with a wheelchair,” Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation hosted an event—“A Nice Day to Walk Together” hoping that the public could gain a better understanding of the mentally-challenged by interacting with them through the festival, health walks, fun games of challenge, and charity sales, in order to eliminate discrimination.

"A Nice Day to Walk Together" was held in Kaohsiung ten years ago, and many corporates, volunteers, and the mentally-challenged would never miss out on the event. Hsiao-Ya, a disabled worker from Syin-Lu who makes handmade soap, greatly anticipates going on health walks with her mother and with old and new friends at the event every year. When the public attends the event and provides care by helping out or offering support, this encourages Hsiao-Ya to have more contact with people. By visiting ten sites with one million strides, Hsiao-Ya’s mother said with thankfulness, “This event helps Hsiao-Ya to engage with nature and people, and helps her to maintain a healthy body.”

Five years ago, the “A Nice Day  to Walk Together” event was also held in Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Kaohsiung. This year, coinciding with Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation’s 30th anniversary, a large festival was held at National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall on Saturday, April 22, 2017. To celebrate the 30th anniversary, there were nearly sixty stalls at the event location. On top of that, kid-appealing Sesame Street characters, the stylish magician Chia-feng Li, Christian Gospel Mission’s ProviDance dance group, and the Syin-Lu’s drumming team and choir were all invited to this event and took turns performing. In addition, through completing fun games of challenge, people came to better understand the individuals with mental retardation, and they also observed the full range of services provided by Syin-Lu. They called on the public community along with businesses to overcome barriers and create a friendly social environment.


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