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Women's Futsal National Tournament Enjoys a Peaceful Match

August 18, 2018

The Women’s Futsal National Tournaments in Taiwan officially started since 2014, and as of today, it is the 6th Women’s Futsal National Tournament. There were 10 teams including Taiwanese and Korean players. It was the first time for Korea to join this tournament. This activity was held at GuangXing Elementary School, New Taipei City, which is a place where soccer is a very popular sport. Government officers participated in the opening ceremony and gave supportive speeches. Thanks to God’s blessings, the weather was a cool and very suitable to play soccer. No one felt fatigue nor got injured at the end of the day.

CGM Women’s Soccer Teams hopes to promote women’s soccer events in Taiwan, and create more opportunities of understanding and playing soccer to let more females to enjoy the fun of kicking a ball.