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Supertv Exclusive: Blooming of a New Era - Faith of a Scholar

Unprecedented Life Trainer

[Host: Tzu-chen Huang]
The president and founder of Christian Gospel Mission, Pastor Jung Myung Seok become the best example as one who is fruitful in all areas, no matter if it is in faith, art, humanities, sports etc.
He trained himself, even after failing to build a rock landscaping up to four times.
He continued with faith and succeeded on the fifth time.
His life also blossomed like the flowers within the beautiful Natural Temple.
His success philosophy has inspired countless young people.
Through faith, he kept training himself to pursue challenges.
In our following program, let us see how he was able to become the “teacher of life”.

The Peace Missionary Even Amidst War

The cruelty of war often makes people realize the precious value of lives.
The Second World War ended in the year 1945.
It was also the year Pastor Jung Myung Seok was born
It symbolizes that the turning point of peace had finally arrived.
Pastor Jung hoped to take on the mission of peace and to give his everything to save lives.
Let us watch the following testimony.


Testimony: The Faith of a Scholar 

Hi everyone, my name is Haishuerh.
I'm from Hualien County's Zhuoxi Town in Luantien Tribe.
I was born in the Bunun Clan.

I was baptised not long after I was born.
When I was in fourth grade, my dad had a stroke.
Therefore, my family became a low income household and (we) felt that life was actually pretty hard.
This is the tribe I used to live in, it was in the mountains beside the creek.
The National Chenchi University was a school located within the suburbs of Taipei.

Twenty years ago, it was a rather desolated place.
However, I liked it that way so I came to NCCU to study.
I applied for the Department of Political Science.
It was the year or the year before that when Taiwan started many democratic social movements and demonstrations, including our so called 520 Peasant Movement.
We also advocated the rights and interests of the indigenous peoples.
All of this happened during that time

In college, I also participated in the protests.
After finishing my military service, I got to know a few members from Providence.

Among them, there was a junior classmate who introduced to the Word of God to me.
I was enlightened to a new perspective of life.
Before I started listening to the thirty lectures (of Providence), I had always wanted to read the Bible.
Even though I was born into a Christian family, I wanted to understand the Bible.
I used to only go to church due to a habit, so I didn't actually know why I went to church and why I should believe in God.

I even had no idea who the Holy Trinity were.
I really did not understand (the Bible).
But after learning the thirty lectures, all the answers to the questions I wasn't able to unravel were revealed to me.
That was the time when Providence was facing the most difficult hardship of all.
Our pastor, Jung Myung Seok was being persecuted, misunderstood, and slandered by the media of Taiwan.
I actually felt that they were condemning the whole Providence.
But at that time, within Ethnology, there is a research method we call Participant Observation.
When you don't understand the organization or the group of people, you should not randomly judge or comment.
Having this in mind, I listened to Pastor Jung's preaching.

While also study the life of Providence members, I discovered that the members were mostly young people.
(They are) very young.
Most of them were college students.
I was surprised that there were so many young people who still attend church.

Because in most of the churches I've been to, the majority were either seniors or small children.
Whether it was a church located within the tribe or in the metropolitan areas you wouldn't see that many young people.
I am honored to have a chance to meet him, in this lifetime and to learn from him.

I've observed and seen how he led lives in sports or in art performances.
There was one time that left a deep impression.
Our church organized a soccer game.
He was also one of the players.
All of the players seemed to like him very much.
I saw that the players were very fond to him but not in an idol worshipping kind of way.
They respected him from the bottom of their hearts.
After the game, pastor Jung Myung Seok would always serve his followers.
I remember there were so many people.
I think there were about 300 to 400 of people.
He served everyone beverages and water one by one.
It was so hot that day but he still waited on us one by one.
I wondered if his arms would be tired after waiting on so many people.
I was so moved.
He wasn't serving with intention, but by habit.
He really wanted to serve them, really wanted to serve us.
I learned and realized a lot in this aspect – I realized that faith is daily life.
It is a life of love.
What is the love?

What is this faith based on?
It is God.