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Supertv Exclusive: Blooming of a New Era - the Healing of a Doctor

Testimony: The Healing of a Doctor

My name is Lin Yuanyu and I am a family doctor.
My family's financial situation was unstable when I was young.
My mom used to sigh and said, “life is a sea of bitterness, you must endure it.”
So I tried to study my way out of our financial problems.
Luckily, my studies went very smoothly and I got admitted into medical school.
Unfortunately, before my graduation, my mother who raised me through such difficulties was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at its final stage.

I told myself to stay strong.
My family's financial situation was very difficult at the time.
In order to earn the medical expenses for my mother's treatments, I would take medical specialist training in the daytime and work at a clinic at night.
It wasn't long before I became physically and mentally drained.
I also fell sick.
I went to the division of rheumatology to be examined.
I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis (AS).
Leukocytes were attacking my joints and bones (that) causing a series of inflammatory reactions.
All I could do was take painkillers and immunomodulators.

Fortunately, in 2002, I was able to meet Pastor Jung Myung Seok in Hong Kong.
After I told him about my sickness, he knew how very distressed I was.
He said he would pray for me.
When he prayed for me, I felt a strong heat wave which flowed from my head to toes.
At that moment, I could feel each adhesion spot on my spine was being released.
My sickness was miraculously cured!
As a doctor, it was very hard for me to believe what happened.
I worried if it was just temporary and would break out again the following day.
The next day, I meet Pastor Jung Myung Seok again.
I explained to him that what I had is an immunity disease and was not curable.
He listened until the translator finished.
He prayed for me again patiently and with love.
Then he told me, “If you really believe that God would work through my prayers, then your sickness will get better.”
After returning to Taiwan, I really did get better!
The pain never came back even after fourteen years.


I met God through knowing Pastor Jung Myung Seok and I was cured both physically and mentally.
Life shouldn't be a sea of bitterness but a sea of sweetness.
People aren't born to just get old and die but are born to practice God's teaching of love and truth.
The similarity of all these miracles is that they all encountered the mentor of the new era.


A Mentor Who Restores the Conversation Between God

[Host: Tzu-chen Huang]
Christian Gospel Mission, Taiwan now has numerous teams including medicine, academics, law, sports.

Peace Orchestra, Bathe In Light theatre, and public service help to enrich our daily lives via culture, arts, and Bible studies and convey the love of the Creator to the world.
This concept originates from the founder of this organization – Pastor Jung Myung Seok.
He experienced the ruthless Vietnam war and its consequent poverty and was determined to learn the Truth from God in order to save the world.
His teaching doesn't come from his own will but from the Bible.
He hopes that everyone in the world can draw closer to God, restore the ideal time when people conversed with God and radiate the light of the blooming new era.