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Campus Elite Volleyball Competition: Advocate Peace Through Sports_ [CDNews]

Not long ago, the high enthusiasm that university students of Taiwan’s Student Movement exhibited toward national social issues caught the attention of the nation. Now, the Campus Elite Cup Volleyball Competition (CECVC) - held by TCGM - has, through passionate online discussions, raised a powerful new college student movement.


On May 17, the 2nd CECVC was held at National Tsing Hua University. This event also set many records: 1) This unofficial nation-wide competition, launched in the shortest amount of time in planning, was entirely organized and planned by TCGM student members, and gathered those from the island’s north, National Taiwan Ocean University to the island’s south, National Sun Yat-sen University. 2) It completed all of its competitions within the shortest amount of time; all 26 teams finished within one day. The eventful competitions demonstrated the passionate true colors back-to-school students are capable of showing through sports.


The president of TCGM, who has spared no effort to promote world culture and arts, specially points out, “TCGM is a youth group on a global scale. Young people should not only become elites of the world, but should also become elites of the heart, mind and thoughts. Here, we do not study only soccer skills, but also the wisdom that is needed to live our lives.”


 In the short span of a day, not only were soccer skills tested, but life perspectives were also challenged. CECVA was not only a competition of soccer skills, but also a carnival that integrated strength and beauty.  TCGM’s Star Symphony Orchestra (TCGM's MSS) opened the event with a special performance, which added a soft sense of grace to the soccer tournament.


 In addition, the art department of TCGM carefully planned an “Art Proverbs Exhibition,” which selected 37 valuable proverbs related to the wisdom of life and to the importance of developing peoples’ hearts, minds and thoughts. Exquisite artworks painted by Taiwan’s professional artists were also shown in the exhibition. Taiwanese college students not only need physical exercise, but also need to exercise their brains through TCGM’s detailed designs.


TCGM is a global peace organization with branches in multiple countries. Taiwan itself has thousands of cultural members. The aim of the organization is to let young people possess new thoughts in the new times. Through the revolution of the heart, mind and thoughts, it aims to reform the heart through arts and sports, and achieve world peace as the ultimate goal. 


TCGM also helped countless college students achieve their dreams through the sports department, symphony orchestra and art department. You, who are full of passion and dreams, are welcome to join as well.