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Love, Peace and Hope: CGM’s Charity Concert at Taichung City

Through the power of music, Christian Gospel Mission and Peace Symphony Orchestra hope to set ablaze the love in our hearts.

The raucous sounds from all societal corners have built numerous towering barriers on this land. When different groups, different opinions, and different perspectives conflict and clash together, how can we break the barrier between them? On Dec. 10, at 2:30 pm, Christian Gospel Mission and Peace Symphony Orchestra performed at Taichung City’s Chung Hsing Hall. They wanted to set ablaze the love in our hearts via the power of music. They also hoped that, as people mingled together, groups of different characteristics would be able to find true peace. The aim of the performance was also to give hope to the societal groups that require help and support.

The musical repertoire of the “Love, Peace, Hope” Charity Concert were Mozart’s The Wedding of Figaro: Overture, selections of Camille Saint-Saens’ The Carnival of Animals, and Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s compositions: Natural Temple, O My Love, and Unshaken by the Wind. Taiwan Aboriginal Youth Culture Exchange was invited to participate as special guests. This concert included Taiwanese folk songs, Da-Pu Tune and S’Yue Wang Yu, as well as songs that are cleverly incorporated with Hakka, Southern Min, and Taiwan Indigenous song elements. Audience members were fully immersed in the two hours of music; through it, they cleansed their spirits, enjoyed the new style produced through the fusion of the different ethnic group characteristics, and felt “love, peace and hope.”

During the performance, Christian Gospel Mission showed Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation’s introductory video for youth with mental disabilities. For every event ticket sold, ten New Taiwan Dollars were donated to the Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation. Through this, audience members could enjoy high quality music while also helping those in need. In this way, 2016 ended on the themes of “love, peace and hope.” May 2017 be a year filled with hope!

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