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Syin-Lu Choir’s 20th Anniversary Stands on the National Concert Hall for the First Time

Have you ever heard music sung with passion and life? On February 26, 2017, Christian Gospel Missions (CGM), who advocates for public service and quality arts, held a public welfare concert at the National Concert Hall. To also celebrate Syin-Lu Choir's 20th anniversary, CGM's Peace Symphony Orchestra will specially collaborate with Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation, while Syin-Lu Choir members challenge themselves to overcome their physical and mental limitations, and perform these songs with vitality and energy.

The CGM and Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation’s “Dreams Achieved With Love Public Welfare Concert” will include Messiah by Handel, Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 54 by Schumann, and the original works of CGM -- Natural Temple and Unshaken by the Wind. Additionally, the concert will have a diverse repertoire of cultural music including Taiwan folk songs, such as S’Yue Wang Yu, the Hakka folk song -- Da-Pu Tune, and an aboriginal song -- Tai-ba-lang.

This public welfare concert will also feature international musicians from Japan, Korea, and New Zealand including the pianist, Jung Unjong, and soprano artist Joo Cheon-Hua, who is also the Chairman of the Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia Joint Vocal Musicians Association, will bring the audience a brilliant concert full of peace and harmony.

Based on Christ’s principle of love and peace of, CGM’s Peace Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to changing the stereotypes of vulnerable groups from public perception.. For each paid concert ticket, 10 NTD will be donated to the Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation.

(China Times)

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