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A Moving Performance: Public Welfare Concert by CGM and Syin-Lu Choir_ [CNA News]

CGM and Syin-lu Choir’s Public Welfare Concert
Beginning from the left: Pastor Re-hwa Su (Chairman of CGM), Rung-jou Liou (Conductor of CGM),Ching-tsuan Huang (Conductor of Syin-lu Choir), and Ling Chang (Director of Syin-lu)
Syin-lu Choir and CGM’s conductor

Have you ever heard music sung with passion and life? On February 26, 2017, Christian Gospel Missions (CGM), who advocates for public service and quality arts, held a public welfare concert at the National Concert Hall. Based on CGM’s principle of providing social care, Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation celebrated their 20th anniversary by collaborating with CGM's Peace Symphony Orchestra to enable the youth of Syin-Lu to stand upon the national stage, overcoming their physical and mental limitations. They challenged themselves to perform the various pieces with all their existence. Their inspiring performance also moved the entire audience!

The concert scores were rich and diverse, including the well-known, sacred classic -- Messiah by Handel, the Calling of the Lover from the Romantic Movement -- Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 54 by Schumann, and the original works of CGM -- Natural Temple and Unshaken by the Wind. Additionally, the concert added Taiwan folk songs such as S’Yue Wang Yu, Hakka folk song - Da-Pu Tune, and the aboriginal song -- Tai-ba-lang. The CGM's Peace Symphony Orchestra invited musicians from Japan, Korea, and New Zealand. Also invited the pianist, Jung Unjong, who was the soloist in the 250th anniversary of Mozart in Germany, and who has toured Germany and Salzburg. The soprano, Joo Cheon-Hua, the Chairman of the Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia Joint Vocal Musicians Association, was also invited to bring the audience an unprecedented musical banquet. Through enjoying the new musical integration of various ethnic cultures, the audience was able to feel the peace and harmony in their soul and hearts.

Based on the love and peace of Christ, CGM’s Peace Symphony Orchestra began to hold public welfare concerts since 2016. Jung Myung Seok, the founder of CGM, once said, “Art can relieve the fatigued body, mind, and spirit, while making them noble.” Ling Chang, the director of the Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation, remarked, "The kids of Syin-Lu Choir had to overcome their limits, physically and mentally. To stand on the stage of the National Concert Hall with CGM has become a dream come true for many of Syin-Lu’s youth.”

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