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"Korean Centennial History of Poems" Poet, Jung Myung Seok: Official Release of 'Woman of Poetry' in Taiwan_ [PChome NEWS]

Ming-Ren Publishing officially released the Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) translated version of Woman of Poetry in Taiwan on March 21, 2017. Woman of Poetry is a collection of poems written by Korea’s renowned poet and artist, Jung Myung Seok, and it is the very first "Poems of Inspiration" collection that is published within Chinese literature. Ten of his poems were selected to be part of the “Korean Poetry Compendium” published by the “Korea Centennial History of Poems.” The cover of the collection is Jung’s very own artwork, “Pine Tree on a Cliff.” The posture of this pine tree kneeling down to pray, yet displaying its vibrant green appearance all year long, symbolizes a strong, unwavering heart despite extreme hardship.

Columnist and writer, Li Ching, describes the writings of South Korean poet, Jung Myung Seok, in Woman of Poetry to be analogous to a shortcut connecting poetry to the heart. The collection contains memorable phrases that originate from the poet's devout faith and holy lifestyle, and illustrates how he met God and discovered poetry while undergoing life’s tribulations. Like Job in the Bible, his sincere cries to God within these poems are the poet’s deep prayers embedded within the collection. Woman of Poetry is a compilation of seventy poems, created between 1999-2010, during the time when the poet was growing up and the Korean war broke out. During that time, life was difficult, full of poverty, and the land was barren. He and his parents worked hard farming in the countryside, but they still could not sustain enough to satisfy their hunger throughout the year --- life was completely hopeless. Even when he had nothing, Jung still said: “If there is no sun, I will move forward using the light from the moon; if the moon is hidden, then I will proceed with the lamplight; if there is no lamp to light, then I will use your eyes to light up my path ahead.”

Seven poems from Woman of Poetry were published alongside the Korean originals for comparison. Each of these poems also has an associated QRcode, to allow readers to listen to the Korean reading of these poems online. Available on the market as of March 21, Woman of Poetry was broadly sold at Eslite Bookstores across the province, online blogs, Kingstone, E-books and major online bookstores. Jung Myung Seok’s Woman of Poetry appreciation event will be held on April 8, 2017 to welcome the active participation of all community members.



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