Founder’s Biography: Jung Myung Seok

Founder’s Biography - The Start of the Gospel

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The Holy Son is my only teacher

Be they men or women, young or old, be it countryside or busy city, Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s footsteps traverse every corner of the land as he spreads the gospel. One year, he even evangelized over ten thousand people. Wearing out his feet to save lives with the Lord, he has deeply felt God's unspeakable heart and grief.

From June 1, 1978, Pastor Jung followed the Lord’s wishes and left for Seoul. With the Word from the Lord that he had learned during his training period, he officially started to preach. Pastor Jung Myung Seok said, “The Holy Son is my only God. Because I believed and loved Jesus as the Messiah, the Holy Son appeared to me and educated me in the image of Jesus. I served Him with only love; I loved Him with all of my heart, will and life. Thus, I became the first bride of the Holy Son. Even now, I will take only this path.”