Miracles with the Holy Son

Miraculous Signs Performed With the Holy Son

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God’s greatest love is the salvation of mankind through the man of mission whom He sent. So that people could believe, God performed miracles through him. Jesus said, “Unless you see signs and wonders you will never believe.” He then healed the child who was about to die. But people asked him, “Then what sign do you give, that we may see and believe you?” Jesus replied, “Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and they died. This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that one may eat of it and not die.” Jesus told the people that whoever believes the Word has eternal life. Regardless of what Jesus does, all things have been handed over to Jesus by the Father. If it did not come from the Father, nothing could be done on His own accord.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok lives his life following Jesus’ example. In everything that he does, he works hard until the end, and because the Holy Son is absolutely with him, he fulfills the things that the Trinity hope for. Pastor Jung said, “When God, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Son tell people to do the appropriate work, and people take action according to Their Word - that is the true “miracle.”


Chapter 1 Wolmyeongdong - the Natural Temple
Chapter 2 Receiving the Holy Son’s Words
Chapter 3 The Arts and Faith of the Living
Chapter 4 Actualizing Peace in Sports
Chapter 5 If You Love, Peace Will Come



The Place I Met God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son - Wolmyeongdong


Wolmyeongdong is a world-class spiritual attraction, and a place to feel close to God. It is a place located in nature, where the Christian Gospel Mission’s churches gather for retreats. This large natural temple can accommodate more than fifty thousand people at one time.

Wolmyeongdong is Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s hometown, and it used to be a remote and untouched land. In 1989, Pastor Jung and thousands of CGM members began to search for a place to freely gather and pray. Therefore God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son revealed to him, “This is a place of the Will,” and told him to developing Wolmyeongdong, where Pastor Jung had undergone spiritual training for the past twenty years.

As a result, Pastor Jung and CGM members devoted themselves to develop Wolmyeongdong for fifteen years. Pastor Jung depended on praying each day to receive God’s vision of the natural temple to direct construction on-site. Day by day and season by season, they endlessly worked, while dripping with sweat.

In the end, the world’s one and only Ambition Masterpiece, the enormous Octagonal Pavilion and Wolmyeong Lake, the international sized sports field, the Natural Temple’s lawn, the miraculous Holy Water, the House of Loving the Holy Son, and numerous other divine masterpieces and landmarks were conceived in this way.

If you would like to see the magnificent rock landscape and Natural Temple’s mystical scenery, or if you want to feel the Holy Trinity, then come to Wolmyeongdong!


Construction After Hearing God's Voice

"Must stack the rocks beautifully, magnificently, and mysteriously"


At the place where the rock landscape is located, Pastor Jung’s original idea was to develop it into cement steps. One day, when he was walking alone in the rear mountain, he felt a sudden headache, which dissipated after he sat down to pray. As he was staring straight ahead and worrying about how to carry on the construction, he suddenly saw a clear illusion of the rock landscape, which is now the Ambitious Rock Landscape.

At that moment, he heard God say, “Just like that, you must stack the rocks beautifully, magnificently, and mysteriously.” Hearing this, Pastor Jung began to draw what he saw, which is the image God had given for the rock landscape.

Pastor Jung recalled the verse from Hebrews 8:5, “They serve at a sanctuary that is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven. This is why Moses was warned when he was about to build the tabernacle: “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown to you on the mountain.”

It is the same with Wolmyeongdong. Pastor Jung followed the image that God had revealed to him to establish this grandeur rock arrangement. After seeing the illusion, Pastor Jung spent over ten years of hard work to finally complete what is today’s magnificent rock landscape.

The rock landscape is around 200 meters wide and 35 meters tall, and it is the world’s largest man-made rock landscape. This rock landscape consists of several hundred genuine rocks, hundreds of pine trees, and beautiful flower bushes. It is truly the description of “majestic, mysterious, and beautiful.”


The Story of the Ambition Masterpiece

"The rocks may fall, but my heart will never fall"


The words “Ambition Masterpiece” is written to the left of the rock landscape; it is the name of the rock landscape, symbolizing “God’s ambition.” The name was received by Pastor Jung from God. The Ambition Masterpiece consists of numerous large rocks, each weighing hundreds of tons, all erected and displayed in harmony. This splendid sight makes whoever sees it feel deeply moved within the heart.

There are many stories of the making of the “Ambition Masterpiece”. At first, to erect numerous rocks that weigh over tens and hundreds of tons on top of the steep slope was not easy, since this scale of rock landscape has never been done before in the world.  Therefore, Pastor Jung would have to invent a new construction method. It finally succeeded after continuous trial and error.

The Ambition Masterpiece had crumbled five times before it was completed in its current state. Each time it crumbled, Pastor Jung swallowed back his tears, and continued with the mindset of “never giving up, for the Ambition Masterpiece is a holy place with God’s Will.” The masterpiece was finally completed on the sixth attempt. “Even if the rocks have fallen, my heart and my spirit have not fallen” - this encompassed Pastor Jung’s undefeated mentality.

During the repeated construction and re-construction, crumbling and rebuilding process, Pastor Jung and CGM members accumulated countless tears and sweat, and they prayed abundantly. This is how they completed the beautiful, mysterious and magnificent Ambition Masterpiece.


With God's Design to Construct Wolmyeongdong's Image


Wolmyeongdong is located at an altitude of 400 meters. When looking down from the peak of In-dea Mountain, Wolmyeongdong resembles an image of “the throne.” Pastor Jung realized about this mysterious image on the last two days of his six month fasting prayer condition in 2014.

God said, “Humans cannot create mountains, rocks, and landscape; it is up to Me. It is because of the Will for Wolmyeongdong that I had created it to have the image of the throne.” God continued, “This symbolizes My White Throne in Heaven.” (Revelation 7:11 has written, “And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God.”)

Upon hearing this, Pastor Jung almost fainted due to shock and was in much awe; he trembled as if an electric current were flowing through his whole body. God expanded, "According to the existing throne image of Wolmyeongdong, I also guided you to create the throne-like rock landscape, Ambition Masterpiece, within the Natural Temple.”

At that moment, Pastor Jung finally realized that the Ambition Masterpiece rock landscape’s image was intended to be erected as the image of the throne; it is the throne upon which God sits when announcing the Word! Wolmyeongdong’s landscape and the rock landscape clearly show the image of “the Throne.” When he was creating the Ambition Masterpiece, Pastor Jung never knew that God had this Will in mind. It was not until then that he finally realized that in order to achieve the throne-like Ambition Masterpiece, God had allowed the rocks to topple over five times and they had undergone numerous near-death experiences. Pastor Jung offered a prayer of thanks with hot tears to God, for His great Will and design.

On top of God’s great masterpiece, the rock landscape Ambition Masterpiece, Pastor Jung placed a rock he had carved with the following words, “All this has been designed by God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, protected by the Holy Son, and realized by me and my followers.”






Starting the Day Together With the Holy Son


Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s day always begins with 1 a.m. predawn prayer. Despite working late into the night with matters from the previous day and barely being able to sleep, even with an utterly exhausted body, he still awakes the predawn to pray in order to fully receive and record the words of the Holy Son.

After cleansing his body, Pastor Jung would kneel before the Holy Trinity in worship and offer confessions of thanksgiving. For the salvation of mankind and redemption of sins, peace in the global village, the protection of life, and God’s Will to be fulfilled in this land, he sheds fiery hot tears and earnestly petitions to God with his life on the line. In this manner, he prays three times a day for more than seven hours.

In order to set special prayer conditions, Pastor Jung willingly engages in six or seven months of minimal eating. He has already endured over six months of minimal eating prayer on several occasions.

Through the power of prayer, he broke the seals of the new Word the Holy Son has given for this time period. Seeing the countless souls and spirits receiving salvation through the Truth, Pastor Jung forgets all his fatigue and pain.


Transcribing After Hearing and Understanding His Voice


Pastor Jung Myung Seok is able to hear the voice of the Holy Son. Every day, on his knees, he receives and records the words of the Holy Son. Contained within each transcription is the fiery message of the Holy Trinity.

Questions that have troubled mankind: "Who am I? Why? How must I live? Did God create human beings? Does the after world really exist?" The fundamentals and true answers to these questions are all provided. In this way, even two pens are insufficient for Pastor Jung to fully transcribe all the Word he receives from the Holy Son every day.

Anyone in this world who reads the Holy Son’s messages that Pastor Jung records will be able to truly realize how to resolve life’s issues. Currently, he is primarily focussing on manually recording the Word with a pen.

Now, the gospel of the Holy Son has spread to over 30 nations in the world and more than 300 churches; the driving force behind this is Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s love and heart of sacrifice.

In 1995, he was a nominee in The Trend of Literature magazine for new artists.

In 1989, Poetry of Inspiration was published and gained recognition in the world.

In 2013 July, his poetry collections, Woman of Poetry and Speaking Through Poetry (temporary translations), became best-sellers.

Additionally, ten of Pastor Jung’s poems are registered in the Unabridged Korean Poetry Dictionary (2011), which covers 100 years of Korean poetry history.

Aside from writing books, Pastor Jung Myung Seok has also spread the words of the Lord through over 1,000 pages of sermons and speeches.



The Messages of Inspiration Embedded in the Arts


The Word of the Holy Son is given to man through inspiration.

Inspiration is particularly important when it comes to the arts; the conveyance of Heaven’s inspiration must arouse the audience to develop deep insight and feelings.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok has constantly been drawing since the start of elementary school. After being scolded by his father, he would use his fingertip to draw on the floor before wiping away the traces of his artwork. While serving in the Vietnam war, he often sketched landscapes and coconut trees. Later, he developed charts for the Word that he had received from the Holy Son, in addition to receiving artistic design from Him. In this way, he gradually embedded the messages and inspirations of the Holy Son into his artwork, resulting in the birth of countless profound masterpieces.


With Intense Concentration.Completion in One Breath


One of the characteristics of Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s artwork is composition in one breath. With one stroke of the brush, the diverse expressions of people and their eyes, and even the movement of objects vividly come to life. At the 2011 ARTECLASICA art exhibition, Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s work gained recognition by the International Board. In particular, his painting entitled, Destiny, stood out and was selected as the representative art piece from amongst a pool of over 3000 works of art. His painting, Destiny, illustrates a snail, scurrying up a steep cliff to escape the awaiting crane, which was eyeing the snail as its next meal. Pastor Jung stated, "Destiny conveys the fate. Under the Holy Son's inspiration and design, I completed the painting in one breath and in an instant."


Anyone Who Knows the Absolute God, Holy Spirit, and Holy Son Can Become Works of Art


Some describe Pastor Jung’s artwork to be of the spirit, since it enables others to realize God's Will; it is full of life's teachings, in addition to resonating well with those who see it. The pastor stated, “You must know the Holy Son, then true artistic abilities will be produced. If you know the Lord, life itself will become a work of art.” A complete collection of Pastor Jung's work is currently being exhibited at the arts museum inside the Wolmyeongdong Natural Temple.

Aside from drawings, Pastor Jung Myung Seok also inspires others by spreading God’s artistry through various means, such as calligraphy, pottery, poetry, and song writing, etc. Additionally, he has taught CGM members to develop their own skills and abilities, and to use their unique talents and creativity to glorify God. There are currently 40 departments, and over 5,000 worldwide members, who are active in specialized art halls, and who are spreading the gospel of love across various fields through the arts.




Sports is an Art Form to Glorify God


"Everything in motion is art; sports is the art of God." This is the teaching of Pastor Jung Myung Seok.

On June 1, 1978, Pastor Jung Myung Seok arrived in Seoul, and the Holy Son’s gospel of this time period was officially spread. At that time, in a cramped room, he preached endlessly, day and night, without sleep or rest. He prayed for many who were ill and spent time together with them.

While living fully devoted to evangelism, one day, Pastor Jung suddenly experienced great discomfort in his lungs.

The Holy Son instructed Pastor Jung, “At the conclusion of predawn prayer, you must spend two hours exercising.” Upon hearing this, Pastor Jung went to the neighboring junior high school’s sports field every day to run and play soccer. His health gradually improved, and as if possessing a body of steel, he was not short of breath at all, even when he played soccer all day long. Six months later, the doctor informed him that his health had fully recovered.


Studying and Educating About Life Through Soccer


The Holy Son informed Pastor Jung Myung Seok, "Sports is also art, so glorify God through soccer!"

Pastor Jung took action on this Word by playing six rounds of soccer every day. Every year, he would compete in 100-120 games, glorifying God through sports.

While playing soccer, Pastor Jung is not merely playing soccer; rather, he is learning the methods to lead God’s history and to live one’s life. Furthermore, Pastor Jung educates the CGM members with the events unravelled through sports.

Achieve World Peace Through Peace Soccer

Pastor Jung places great emphasis on Peace Soccer. He expressed, "More important than defeating your opponents is striving for peace, harmony, and good health.  You must view your opponents and the ball as your beloved one."

Pastor Jung Myung Seok advocates that with this mentality in mind, we will be able to actualize love, achieve world peace, and induce the culture of peaceful soccer. At the same time when Pastor Jung was promoting Peace Soccer, God worked upon Korea and Japan, enabling the two nations to resolve their hatred and animosity, allowing them to co-host the 2002 World Cup, and God helped South Korea enter the semi-finals.

Beginning in 1999, Pastor Jung held annual International Peace Soccer Conferences. Organizing these festivals of harmony and peace has enabled people all over the world to conduct exchange through sports and culture. During the 2002 South Korea and Japan Soccer Cup, volunteer services were actively promoted. In August 2002, Pastor Jung Myung Seok held the 6th Annual World Village Peace Culture Joint Conference at the Daejeon World Cup venue. That day brought together some 200,000 viewers worldwide, achieving the greatest vision of peace and love.




The Coming of Love and Peace


On the path to missionizing the world, the Holy Son made the following statement: "Love and peace will come."

In January 1999, the Holy Son commissioned Pastor Jung Myung Seok, “I want you to go to Europe!” Pastor Jung proceeded in accordance with the Will.

Although many Christian countries exist in Europe, their passion towards faith has significantly cooled. It is especially difficult for people from Eastern countries to become close with those from the Western nations. In order to fulfill the Lord’s Will, Pastor Jung Myung Seok studied and came to understand European culture; he continued to approach the Europeans with love and sincerity.

On the sports field, Pastor Jung Myung Seok personally delivered water to every participant, relieving them of the scorching heat. For anyone with injuries, Pastor Jung also personally treated them. The genuine nature of Pastor Jung Myung Seok opened the hearts of the Europeans.

Finally, beginning in August of the same year, the youth from nations such as France, Germany, Italy, Britain, etc., and eastern countries gathered together, and a peace assembly of cultural, arts, and sports exchange commenced. Through enjoying peace together within the Lord’s love, the youth of this generation who took part in the assembly were able to resolve the historically accrued animosity between their nations.


Prayer for Peace Gives Rise to a Miracle


On October 31, 1999, after conversing with the priests at the Milan Cathedral, Pastor Jung Myung Seok prayed for the Catholics and the Protestants to eliminate their contradiction, saying, "They both believe that Jesus Christ is Lord; I earnestly petition for the impeding animosity between them to disappear." At that time, the Holy Son remarked, "Resentment should not exist between the Catholics and Christianity. It is only that they belong to different time periods and have different personalities and talents. Now that peace has been declared, they must become one body and carry out the Lord's work."

Exactly on the day of Pastor Jung’s prayer, a miraculous reconciliation transpired: for the first time in 500 years, Roman Catholicism and Lutheran Protestantism held a joint service of reconciliation. During this reconciliation service of the old and new church, twenty-four of the world’s clergy and additional representatives brought the total to 700 participants. At St. Anna's in Augsburg, Cardinal Edward Cassidy, on behalf of the Catholic Church, and Protestant Bishop Christian Krause, president of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), established a Joint Declaration regarding the doctrine of justification on salvation and the forgiveness of sins. While Pastor Jung was praying on that same day, the Holy Son asked him to continue to pray for peace between the old and new church.